First Project - Modification of Golf Course

Project 2014
Modification to Golf Course
The Sunland Village Foundation recently completed fundraising for its first project. That project involved improving the pond and island on the 6th hole of the Sunland Village Golf Course. The project is estimated to total around $30,000. Donations from Sunland Village Residents and Golf Club Members made the project possible.

Work to Modify 6th Hole Pond and Island Underway

Project Completion Final Overview

Project 2015

The Foundation donated a twelve-foot Christmas Tree for the outside of the Sunland Village Auditorium.

Project 2016

The Sunland Village Foundation worked with the Sunland Village Tennis Club to raise $70,000 to help fund the cost of providing an additional tennis court in Sunland Village. The Tennis Club raised $18,000 during December, 2014. They raised additional funds during January and February 2015 through concerts and dance events. They continued fundraising projects throughout 2015 & 2016. Not all of their fundraising projects involve the Foundation. However, when they request their members to raise large amounts of money through personal donations, those funds were held by the Foundation until the project was completed. In the event that the project is unsuccessful the funds held by the Foundation will be returned to the donors.

Project 2017 

Project Sponsors two Highland High School Orchestra Students for the Starlight Serenade Strolling Strings 2017

The Foundation voted to sponsor two students to participate in the Highland High School Orchestra’s Starlight Serenade Strolling Strings group. The Foundation took $320 from its general fund to fund this project. However, other members of the Foundation asked to donate to this project and the Foundation donated a total of $800. The Foundation By-laws require that worthy organizations outside of Sunland Village are eligible to receive financial help in addition to projects within.

Project Enhanced the Holiday Decorations Outside the Auditorium 2017

The Foundation voted to fund the enhancement of the holiday decorations outside the Sunland Village auditorium for November 2017. The Foundation will partner with the Creative Quilters to create and install the added decorations.


Completed 2018

Remodel Sunland Entrances

As a result of donations form Sunland Village residents, the Foundation was able to raise $17,000 to remodel twelve entrances to Sunland Village modeled after the main entrance to the Village at Greenfield and Diamond Avenues. 

All of the twelve entrances to Sunland Village were remodeled to match this entrance. 

Completed 2019

Sponsored a Health & Safety Expo